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BigFoot walking through yellow green trees, facing left. After applying this transfer to your clay, Bigfoot will be facing to the right.

This single use water soluble transfer paper for polymer clay measures 4” x 5”. The featured design was hand drawn by me, and is ready to pair beautifully with your polymer clay designs! Instructions are included with each transfer sheet, and listed below:

-Condition clay well and roll onto a tile
-Place transfer paper image side down onto the clay
-Gently smooth paper into place with your fingers to remove any air bubbles
-Optional: Roll an acrylic roller over paper to set image into clay
-Hold tile with the clay under cool, very low pressure running water
-Let the water dissolve the paper (if there is a bit of paper fiber left, you can wash it away after baking)
-Gently pat dry excess water on the tile, making sure not to disturb the image
-Cut and bake as usual (Be sure to cut and bake your slab right away, as leaving the image on the clay too long can cause the image to become sticky and distorted)
-While it is not necessary to seal the transferred image, it is recommended in order to ensure the longevity of the image transfer (We love an ultra matte or resin finish)

This listing is for one transfer sheet only, other sheets in the listing photos are for display purposes only

These sheets are one time use, so this listing also includes a small piece of transfer paper to practice with first. If you have any questions, please message us before using.

It's recommended to use on white clay, as this will best show off your transfer

Colors of the transfers may differ due to differences in photos and monitors

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